BeAeonTMincrease telomere length

After a year of an intake of our BeAeonTM, all results show the same increasing length of telomeres for all human subjects. More>>

Telomeres and Telomerase

A variety of premature aging syndromes are associated with short telomeres[8].Thus, therapeutic strategies based on telomerase activation are envisioned as potentially important for dealing with age-related problems.More>>

Astragalus health benefits

Astragalus is uniquely healthy for cellular health because of its ability to protect body’s telomeres from degradation.Astragalus causes body to increase its production of a substance called “telomerase”, which is an enzyme that enables the production of more telomeres.More>>

BeAeonTMretards the senescence of MRC-5 cells

As a global conclusion, linked to our previous experiments and data gathered from scientific literature, our TB helps cells to preserve the telomere caps so that cells could survive a longer time than natural cells usually do.More>>