BeAeonTM increase telomere length

Our work aimed at protecting telomere length from aging and in some extends to increase their average length so that cells are able to continue to divide and generate healthy and strong management of the body as a whole.

On the technical level all subjects underwent a blood sample before starting to take every day our natural nutrient during a year. The results coming from this first blood sample is labelled as "2012" in the following part of this report.During a year all human subjects took a capsule every morning. These capsules were BeAeonTM telomerase booster and after a year they underwent a second blood sample.The results coming from this second blood sample is labelled as "2013" in the following part of this report.

The measurement of telomere length provided in this report was carried out in accordance with strict quality controls and the best technology available on the market at the time the report was issued.

After a year of an intake of our BeAeonTM, all results show the same increasing length of telomeres for all human subjects.

All analysis were led by " Life Length laboratory" in Spain which is worldwide granted for its technical breakthrough in genetics analysis.

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Although telomere length decreases with aging in everyday life, all human subjects belonging to our group were granted with an increase of their telomere length after a year of treatment with our natural blend of products.

According to scientific literature it means that all human subjects expand their expectancy of life with an intake of BeAeonTM after only a year of treatment.

No side effects were detected and our group of human subjects makes the wish to continue this intake of BeAeonTM.

Telomeres and Telomerase

A variety of premature aging syndromes are associated with short telomeres[8].Thus, therapeutic strategies based on telomerase activation are envisioned as potentially important for dealing with age-related problems.

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Astragalus health benefits

Astragalus is uniquely healthy for cellular health because of its ability to protect body’s telomeres from degradation.Astragalus causes body to increase its production of a substance called “telomerase”, which is an enzyme that enables the production of more telomeres.

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BeAeonTM retards the senescence of MRC-5 cells

As a global conclusion, linked to our previous experiments and data gathered from scientific literature, our TB helps cells to preserve the telomere caps so that cells could survive a longer time than natural cells usually do.

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