Richard Catérini eng., PhD, Dr Hab

    1.Former Honorary Professor and Head of Technical Transfer at Ecole Centrale of Lyon, France
    2.Doctorate in natural Sciences- Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Lyon

The product of BeAeonTM telomerase booster

During 2012 and 2013,our group carried out experiments aimed at protecting telomere length from aging and in some extends to increase their average length. After a year we found a special mixture of natural nutrients what can increase human telomere length and without side effects. According to the clinical study results all human subjects expand their expectancy of life with an intake of our natural product after only a year of treatment.

BeAeonTM is consist of high purity active ingredients from Astragalus , vitamins, anti-oxidative compounds and one patented natural extract, which can significantly increase telomerase activity, this is why we call it BeAeonTM telomerase booster.we sincere hope to protect human from the encroachment of aging.

Related patent of BeAeonTM telomerase booster

    1.SOLEAU registration registration "Telomerase booster" .December 2013
    2.Natural plant extract to slow down the aging process. Patent pending ref:14/00059. January 13, 2014

BeAeonTM Clinical Test Report

A new and efficient telomerase booster
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Telomeres and Telomerase

A variety of premature aging syndromes are associated with short telomeres[8].Thus, therapeutic strategies based on telomerase activation are envisioned as potentially important for dealing with age-related problems.

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Astragalus health benefits

The active ingredients from Astragalus is a unique class of compounds for cellular health because of its ability to protect body’s telomeres from degradation. It causes body to increase its production of a substance called “telomerase”, which is an enzyme that enables the production of more telomeres.

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BeAeonTM retards the senescence of MRC-5 cells

According to our previous experiments and data gathered from the clinical study, BeAeonTM helps cells to preserve the telomere caps so that cells could survive a longer time than natural cells usually do.

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